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What is's "Mission statement"?
"To provide movie show time searches, quickly and easily - to be fast, responsive, and not bloated, or swollen by graphics and heavy multi-media advertising. To stay fast and be workable on a mobile device with the smallest screen."

What is the need for
After using a local website which had been running for years, time and time again only to find their movie show times were WRONG, I decided to write a site that would allow me to query Google - figuring that at least if Google's information was wrong, I could shout at someone bigger - not a small guy trying (and seemingly failing) to get the up-to-date movie information out.

Why is so 'plain'?
Well, I'm often out and about, using an iPhone, or other mobile device - so I wanted to keep graphics to a minimum - 3G speeds in Colorado aren't that great, if I'm out and about, I want the show-times, NOT the trailers or rich, multimedia presentations about a movie - just the show times please.

Can't I just search Google?
Well sure you can! If you're a Google aficionado, you can just go right to your Google application, or right to Google in your browser - that said, if you're not into Google searching, and want a fast, easy to remember place - is your place! Bookmark and share us with your friends please - we're here to help, and you are no small part of that!!!

Why the name ""?
Finding a domain with movies in it, that is short, memorable and easy to type on a mobile keyboard is challenging! The ability to search for movie show times ANYWHERE, and to be convenient led us to think about phone numbers - '555' is the part of a phone number used in print, or on TV and the movies to signify the phone number is 'fictional' - or - put another way - could be anywhere... yep, it's a stretch, but we went there... ALSO - MOVIES555.COM looks like a lot of 'S' characters - to 'lots of movies' - plus the domain was available - and that's how we came to be here!

Does your use of cookies in any way compromise my privacy?
No - we do not track IDs, or IP addresses (other than in regular web visitor statistics) - and we only use cookies to store the bare minimum of information about your search preferences (currently, your search geography, and your preference for searching with images, or not) - that's it. We do this ONLY so you don't have to enter those pieces of information again when you come back to our site. Cookies expire 6 months after they are set.

Why does feature advertising at all?
Bandwidth cost money people! If you and a friend use the site, you can pretty guarantee that a thousand or perhaps 10,000 others do - over time this site will be VERY popular. That all adds up. To pay for a little bandwidth, the time spend providing you this simple, but awesomely clean and perfectly fast solution, we feature Google ads - if you see an advertizer that offers something you might be interested in, please consider patronizing that advertizer - even if you're not normally an ad-centric web surfer! Those few cents that we earn from the ad-click will keep the site open for you and everyone else to enjoy! Thank you!

Can I advertise with you?
Sorry, no - we do not take direct advertising - this site needs to remain fast, and appropriate - we work with Google to provide the most relevant ads - if you advertise with them, perhaps you'll appear on our site if they serve your ad - at present, there is no way to guarantee it, and we have no plans on adding a method to do that. sorry.